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My passion is to help artists like you get great-sounding mixes that you and your art deserves. Like many other artists I've helped, I want to see your music reach its potential. Whether that's editing, mixing or mastering, my focus will be entirely on achieving that goal. Let's talk and make amazing music together!


"Really quality stuff from Josh Fielden! Really invested in the tracks he mixes, has a great understanding of what the artist wants, and a proper quick turnaround time!"
Joe Maguire
"I have nothing but AMAZING things to say! Josh does an absolutely flawless job at capturing the artist's vision...He is totally committed to delivering a professional, competitive product. If you're looking for someone to mix/ master your art, look no further!"
Mitchel Dae
US Singer-Songwriter
"...I know the importance of a great mix... I have been impressed with his mixing work and... fast turn around...(Josh) has made my work much easier!"
Luke Bredin
Oakfield Records Ltd
"I've been working with Josh on various film, and commercial projects. He's demonstrated a professional level of execution and worked in a capacity that allows me to guide the mixing process with clarity and consistency. In addition, he's a wonderful personable guy."
Ben Winwood
TV/Film composer


Hi my name is Josh and I have been providing professional mixing and mastering services to Metal and Pop Punk artists for over 5 years based in my North Wales Studio.  I want to provide your band with exciting, energetic and punchy mixes that your music deserves.

I have been fortunate to work and be entrusted with music from artists in the UK, US and Europe. Working with so many amazing musicians has helped me learn exactly what your music needs - a mix that preserves and emphasises what makes you and your art great.

Josh playing a gig

My passion for music began at a young age, learning the guitar at age 9, performing in various bands over the years and then studying a degree in music production. My dream changed from wanting to be in a successful band, to instead help artists like you on their journey to get the songs in their hearts out into the world.

If you want your music to be the best it could be, then I would love to hear from you! Contact me via the form below and let's talk about your art!


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